Portrait Lighting- Stephen and Beth

My studio lighting class is less, “Here’s how to use this studio lighting equipment” and more, “Here’s all this studio lighting equipment, good luck with all that.” Maybe that’s just how you have to learn? I’m not sure, but I trust my instructor. I did manage to take some images that I find acceptable. I don’t Photoshop out things like wrinkles or blemishes–the most I’ve done in post-processing is remove wrinkles in clothing or stray hair.

Beth, or Madame Elizabeth, went for a character shoot. Her persona is based on a lady (one might say she was ‘of the night’) that spent a lot of ‘quality time’ with members of Congress in the early 20th century. Anyone surprised?

Madame Elizabeth #1

Madame Elizabeth #2

You can see some of Beth’s work here.

Stephen was our begrudging male model.

Stephen #1

Stephen #2

We had another lovely lady named Jamie model for us, but I didn’t feel my images did her justice.

Our next project involves the use of six or more lights (which makes the classroom feel like a broiler, let me tell you). I’ll post those images later this month.

Thanks for reading. <3