My first plunge into digital drawing

I’ve had a graphics tablet for most of this semester. Until mid November I used it solely for editing photographs in Photoshop. Then came the third anniversary of a tragic, transformative event in my life and many others’, the suicide of my best friend, Katie Smith. Having been deeply affected by the Out of the Darkness walk I participated in two months before, I felt the need to contribute something to the other people still grieving the loss–and hopefully deal with my own grief through art. So I did first digital drawing, a very short comic:

In Memoriums

I got frustrated with it at the end, hence the sub par last panel, but overall it was a good learning experience and did have a somewhat therapeutic effect. I got a bunch of “likes” on Facebook, but the only important response was that from KT’s mother, “This brought tears to my eyes, Liz. It’s wonderful!” That meant so much to me.

The next drawing a week later was less meaningful and more improvisational, haha. A self-portrait to tie into the photo series I was working on at the time:

feat. my snazzy new logo

feat. my snazzy new logo

Not bad, I think. A good practice.
A few weeks ago I learned about raster and vector graphics in photography class, which cleared up much of my confusion.

I’m somewhat obsessed with apocalyptic and dystopian landscapes right now. I was thinking of incorporating that into my next practice. :)