Digital Photography 2

These photographs are from the digital class I took last semester, Digital Imaging 2. One of our first assignments was to appropriate a photographer. I chose Chip Simons, whose incredibly varied work includes fun, surreal, and somber series (there’s even a “things I don’t know what to call” series, haha). I chose to emulate his  “light painting,” particularly the portraits. To put my own spin on it I focused less on the textural qualities of the backdrop (prevalent in his single subject portraits) and more on the shapes made by the light. Every photographer wants to take long exposure light trail pictures, but many are hesitant to because it’s so “done” nowadays. Well, I took my chance. ;)

Chip Simons-Inspired

I used the triptych format though it isn’t used in any of Simon’s pictures simply because without the details of the background or props the photos were not as interesting. I bought some “rave” gloves with fingertip lights that could be one of three colors or shift between them. I liked the effect of the later in particular, so the three images I chose all used that setting. I would gladly do more of these for fun (if I ever did photography for fun).

We were also assigned a portrait project in which we were to stylize images. My initial idea was to “ironically” take hipster pictures, but the sarcasm wasn’t coming across very well–totally unacceptable. I ended up applying an “aged” appearance. This is my favorite of the two images I turned in:


Several ladies commented on how handsome he was. As far as the stylization goes it’s definitely not something I would consider doing to most images, but it looks nice enough. A shrug of a project. I do appreciate my friends posing for me, though. :D

My next post will be my final project for this class, a self portrait series about bullying and stereotypes.

Thanks for reading! <3


Digital Photography 1

These first two pictures are actually from last fall semester, in Digital Imaging 1. We, uh, learned Photoshop. It may be somewhat obvious from these pictures.

For these projects I focused on my mental illnesses. The first is depression–the friction between my performance identity (or maybe the person I consider to be my “true self?”) and the pain, loneliness, and despair I am sometimes infected with. Since a life-changing and traumatic event in 2010 I have been dealing with these feelings at varying levels of intensity. I’ve worked very hard and coupled with medication, therapy, and the support of my loved ones, I’ve made considerable progress. Butterflies symbolize metamorphosis, personal growth, and hope. Blue is the color of healing as well as melancholy. Origami is something I use as an active meditation, and has helped calm my nerves in the past.


That was a nice haircut, non?

I’ve always had trouble sleeping, even when I was naught but a wee lass. By high school I was a chronic insomniac. It wasn’t until last winter that I found out I have sleep apnea. I might’ve had it all along! I won’t go into the boring details, but the basic problem is that I don’t usually complete a cycle of REM sleep. This is a bad thing. Now I use a super sexy CPAP machine and things have improved. Of course, my anxieties also keep me awake, so my problems haven’t been completely alleviated. It’s a work in progress.

The image is a composite of around 25 photographs. I hoped to capture the restlessness that I, and others with anxiety and sleep disorders, struggle with. The background may look odd on screen–it is printed with a transparent background, so you only see the paper. Looks more…ethereal, I guess? Anyway.


Both are printed on 13 x 19 in. matte paper.

Next post, Digital Imaging 2.

Thanks for reading. Hope I wasn’t too much of a downer. <3