Day Two: Alternate Book Cover #1

Day Two

I forgot to post this yesterday! Whoops.
I am making an effort to read more this summer since I so rarely allocate time to do so during the semester. I recently finished Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut—currently working on an alternate cover for that one. Hands are intricate things.
I “read” 1984 in high school, so of course I don’t remember anything except the resentment I felt towards having to pick apart every symbol and allusion. I’m re-reading it now and really enjoy it. My former disdain was nothing but a really lame act of teenage rebellion, it seems. ;)
I wanted to do something graphic and interesting with this. The eye seems to be a standard of 1984 covers, and who am I to break tradition? haha
I suppose this is a WIP, though who knows if it will ever be finished. I’ve never used color or markers before so it would certainly be an experiment.

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